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A man wishes to mix two types of food X and Y in such a way that the vitamins contents of the mixture contain at least B units of vitamin A and 11 units of vitamin B. Food X costs Rs. 50 per kg and food Y costs Rs. 60 per kg. Fod Xcontains 2 units per kg of vitamin A and 5 kg per unit of vitamin B while food Y contains 5 units per kg of vitamin A and 2 units per kg of vitamin B. Determine the minimum cost of the mixture.

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Let there is x kg of food X and y kg of food Y in the mixture.
Minimize cost z=50x+60y
Subject to x0
2x+5y8 brgt 5x+2y11
Draw the graph of equations x=0,y=0,2x+4y=8 and 5x+2y=11.
Now the feasible region for the inequations x0,y0,2x+5y8,5x+2y11, and shade it. The vertices of the shaded region are A(4,0),B(0,112) and C(137,67). We will find the value of z at these vertices.
Therefore the minimum cost is Rs. 14427 and food X and Y are taken 137 kg and 67 respectively.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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