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The xenon compounds that are isostructural with IBr2 and BrO3 respectively are:


linear XeF2 and pyramidal XeO3


bent XeF2 and pyramidal XeO3


bent XeF2 and planar XeO3


linear XeF2 and tetrahedral XeO3.

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The correct Answer is:A

lBr2 and XeF2 are both linear.
BrO3 and XeO3 are both pyramidal.
The pairs listed above are also iso-electronic in nature. It is the correct answer.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The xenon compounds that are isostructural withh IBr2 and BrO3 respectively are respectively

    AXeF2 (linear) and XeO3(pyramidal)
    BXeF2 (bent) and XeO3 (pyramide)
    CXeF2(bent) and XeO3 (planar)
    DXeF2(linear) and XeO3 (tetrahedral)