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20 mL of a solution of sulphuric acid neuitralise 21.2 mL of 30% soution of sodium carbonate. How much water should be added to 100 mL of this solution to bring down its down its strength to decinormal?

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Step1. Calculation of normality of sulphuric acid solution
Strength of Na3CO3 solution =30g/100mL=300gL1
Normality of Na2CO3 solution =StrengthEquivalent mass=(300gL1)(53g equiv1)
=5.66equiv. L1=5.66N
H2SO4) (Na2CO3)
Step II. Calculation of volume of water to be added
Normality of H2SO4 solution =6.0N
Volume of H2SO4 solution =100mL
Normality of diluted H2SO4 solution =0.1N
Volume of diluted H2SO4 solution may be calculated as :
Volume of water to be added =(6000100)=5900 mL.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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