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(i) Calculate the number of electrons which will together with one gram .
(ii) Calculate the mass and charge on one mole of electrons .

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(i) Mass of an electron =9.1×1028g
9.1×1028g is the mass of = 1 electron
1.0 g is the mass of =19.1×1028=1.098×1027 electrons
(ii) One mole of electrons =6.022×1023electrons
Mass of 1 electron =9.1×1031kg
Mass of 6.022×1023 electrons =(9.1×1031kg)×(6.022×1023)=5.48×107kg
Charge on one electron =1.602×1019 couldomb
Charge on one mole electrons =1.602×1019×6.022×1023=9.65×104 coulombs