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A die is thrown, find the probability of following events:
(i) A prime number will appear,
(ii) A number greater than or equal to 3 will appear,
(iii) A number less than or equal to one will appear,
(iv) A number more than 6 will appear,
(v) A number less than 6 will appear.

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In a throw of a die
Samle space S={1,2,3,4,5,6}
(i) Let A= event of getting a prime number
Probability of event A is P(A)=n(A)n(S)=36=12
(ii) Let B= event of getting a number 3 or greater
Probability of event B is P(B)=n(B)n(S)=46=23
(iii) Let C= event of getting a number 1 or smaller
Probability of event C is P(C)=n(C)n(S)=16
(iv) Let D= event of getting a number greater than 6
Probability of event D is P(D)=n(D)n(S)=06=0
(v) Let E= event of getting number smaller than 6
Probability of event E is P(E)=n(E)n(S)=56

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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