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The configuration of Cr atom is 3d54s1 but not 3d44s2 due to reason R1 and the configuration of Cu atom is 3d104s1 but not 3d94s2 due to reason R2.R1andR2 are:


R1: The exchange energy of 3d54s1: is greater than that of 3d44s2
R2: The exchange energy of 3d104s1 is greater than that of 3d94s2.


R1: 3d54s1 and 3d44s2 have same exhange energy but 3d54s1 is spheriaclly symmetrical.
R2: 3d104s1 is also shpherically symmetrical.


R1: 3d54s1 has grater exhange energy than 3d44s2.
R2:3d104s1 has spherical symmetry.


R1:3d54s1 has greater energy than 3d44s2.
R2:3d104s1 has greater energy than 3d94s2.

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The correct Answer is:C

3d54s1 is correct because it has greater exchange possibilities of unpaired electron.
3d104s1 is correct because 3d10 orbitals are spherically symmetrical.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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