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Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statements.
a. Anatomically, the ear can be divided into three major sections called the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.
b. The outer ear consists of the pinna and external auditory meatus (canal).
c. The tympanic membrane (ear drum ) is composed of connective tissue covered with mucus membrane outside and with skin inside.
d. The ear ossicles reduces the efficiency of transmission of sound waves to the inner ear.
e. The pinna collects the vibrations in the air which produce sound.


a and b


b and c


c and d


d and e

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The correct Answer is:C

The tympanic membrane (ear drum) is composed of connective tissues covered with skin outside and with mucus membrane inside. ltBrgt The ear ossicles increases the efficiency of transmission of sound waves to the inner ear.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The external ear consist of

    Apinna and external auditory meatus
    Bcochlea and pinna
    CEustachian tube and pinna
    DAll of the above
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    ii. Auditory meatus extends inwards to tympanic membrane
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    DCrista and Macula are the specific receptors of the vestibular apparatus responsible for balance and posture
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    AEar drum-basilar membrane-auditory ossicles-fluid of cochlea-hair cells
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    CEar drum-hair cels-auditory ossicles-basilar membrane-fluid of cochlea
    DEar durm-fluid of cochlea-auditory ossicles-hair cells-basilar membrane.

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