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If A=∣ ∣224424215∣ ∣ and B=∣ ∣110234012∣ ∣ then find BA and use ths to sovle the system of equations y+2z=7,xy=3 and 2x+3y+4z=17.

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The correct Answer is:N/a

We have A=(2,2,4),(4,2,4),(2,1,5) and B=∣ ∣110234012∣ ∣
BA=∣ ∣110234012∣ ∣∣ ∣224424215∣ ∣=∣ ∣600060006∣ ∣=6I
B1=A6=16A=16∣ ∣224424215∣ ∣…………….(i)
Also xy=3,2x=3y+4z=17 and y=2z=7
=162244242153177 [using Eq. (i)]
x=2,y=1 and z=4

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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