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On a rainy day, Vibhuti found small browish worm-like animals crawling slowly over the ground of his school. On close examination of these worms, she found that the animals has faintly segmented body
(i) What is the possible identity of the animal ?
(ii) Why is it seen only in the rainy season ?
(iii) What is its ecological importance ?

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(i) The identify of the crawling animal is earthworm (Pheretima)
(ii) Earthworm lives in burrows inside the soil of lawn/fields. In rainy season, the burrows get filled up with rain water. So the earthworms come out of them
(iii) Earthworm feeds on decaying fallen leaves and other organic remains. It pulverises these food particles. The worm castings are good source of soil nutrients
Earthworm is regarded as farmer's friend as it ploughs the soil of crop fields by its burrowing habit and coverts organic remains into manure containing inorganic nutrients.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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