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(a) Electropositive nature of the element(s) increases down the group and decreases across the period
(b) Electronegativity of the element decreases down the group and increases across the period
(c) Atomic size increase down the group and decreases across a period (left to right)
(d) Metallic character increases down the group and decreases across a period
On the basis of the above trends of the periodic table, answer the following about the electron with atomic number 3 to 9
(a) Name the most electropositive element among them
(b) Name the most electronegative element
(c) Name of the element with smallest atomic size
(d) Name the element which is a metalloid
(e) Name the element which shows maximum valency.

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The names and symbols of elements having atomic numbers 3 - 9 are
(a) Most electropositive element is lithium (Li)
(b) Most electronegative elemento is fluorine (F)
(c) Element with smallest atomic size is fluorine (F)
(d) Metalloid element is boron (B)
(e) Carbon (C) shows maximum valency i.e., 4.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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