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Explain the role of neural system in regulation of respiration.

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Human beings have a significant ability to maintain and moderate the respiratory rhythm to suit the demands of the body tissue. This is done by the neural system.
Respiration regulated by neural system in fol/o wing ways/ manress
(i) A specialised centre present in the medulla region of the brain called respiratory rhythm centre is primarily responsible in regulating respiration process. Another centre present in the pens region of the brain called pneumotaxic centre, can moderate the function: of the respiratory rhythm centre. Neural signal from this centre, can reduce the duratio of inspiration and thereby alter the respiratory rate.
(ii) A chemosensitive area is situated adjacent to the rhythm centre which is highly sensitive to CO2 and hydrogen ions. Increase in these substances activates this centre, which in turn signals the rhythm centre to make necessary adjustments in the respiratory process by which these substances can be eliminated.
(iii) Receptors associated with aortic arch and carotid artery also recognise changes in CO2 and H+ concentration and send necessary signals to the rhythm centre for remedial action because the role of oxygen in the regulation of respiratory rhythm is quite insignificant.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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