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Parenchyma cells are


relatively unspecified and thin walled


thick walled and specialised




None of the above

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The correct Answer is:A

Parenchyma cells form the bulk of the plant body. Its cells are living and they possess the power of division. The cells are rounded or isodiametric, i.e., equaliy expanded on all sides. The cells are oval, round, polygonal or elongated in shape with e thin cell wall. It encloses a dense cytoplasm, which contains small nucleus and surrounds large central vacoule.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The features that best describe the cells of parenchyma cell are

    Adead cells, thick walled, no inter cellular
    Bliving cells, thin -walled, no intercellular spaces
    Cdead cells, thin-walled , large inter cellular
    Dliving cells, thin-walled , large intercellular spaces
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    The loosely arranged nonchloropphyllous parenchyma cells present in lenticels are called

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    BPassage cells
    CWater stomata
    DAlbuminous cells
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    Parenchyma cell as found in

    Apetioles of Hydrilla in the pericycle of roots, palisade and spongy
    Bstems of Raphanus in Hydrilla
    CCucurbita stem, in pulp of guava
    Din stem of Canabis, in the pericycle of roots