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Show that one and only one out of n,n+2or,n+4 is divisible by 3, where n is any positive integer.

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Sincen,n+1,n+2are three consecutive integers then there must be one number divisible by 3 at least.
If the remainder at dividingn by 3 is 1, thenn+2 must be divisible by3 and if the remainder at dividing n by 3 is 2, then n+1 must be divisible by 3. Similarly forn+1andn+2.
Let n be divisible by 3.
n+13=n3+13<br>Now,n is÷isibby3 but1is¬.Sowetn+1 ¬÷isibby 3.
Similarly,n+2 will¬be÷isibby3aswellifnis÷isibby3.<br>n+2/3=n/3+2/3<br>Inthesameway,ifn+1is÷isibby3thennand n+2 can'tbe÷isibby3.Ifn+2is÷isibby3thenn and n+1 caotbe÷isibby3.