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write down the common features of the connective tissue .On the basis of structure and function .Differentiate between bones and cartilages .

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Commn features of connective tissue are
(i) connective tissue Is the most abundent and widely distributed tissue of the body . It connect with tissue with organs and provides support to various body structures in animals .
(ii) Connects tissue with developed from the emorphous mesderm .
(iii) three components are majorly present in the connective tissue matrix cells and fibures .
(iv) the extracellular matrix has nearly amoropus ground substance made of glycoproteins with assoiated monopolysaccharies this ground substance may be liquid , get or solid .
(v) the tissue has good amount of regenerative ability .
(vi) Functions of connetive include storge of energy , protection of organs and body's structural intergrity.