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The process of converting alkyl halides into alcohols involves.......... .


addition reaction


substitution reaction


dehydrohalogenation reaction


rearrangement reaction

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The correct Answer is:B

An addition reaction is a reaction where two or more molecules combine to form a larger one. These reactions occur to change the unsaturated compound to saturated compound. In dehydrohalogenation reaction, alkyl halides give alkenes.
Rearrangement gives the structural isomers of the reactant while in substitution reaction one of the group or an atom is replaced by other group. Therefore, the process of converting alkyl halides into alcohols involves substitution reaction.
RXAlkyl halideOHROHAlcohol
Reaction of alkyl halides
Primary alkyl halides S2N
Secondary alkyl halides S1N
Tertiary alkyl halides S1N

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