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What is the relationship between Gibbs free energy of the cell reaction in a galvanic cell and the emf of the cell ? When will the maximum work be obtained froma galvanic cell ?

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If concentration of all reacting species is unity, then Ecell=ECell and ΔG=nFEcell
where, ΔGrG is stan dard Gibbs energy of the reaction
Ecell= emf of the cell
nF=charge passed
If we want to obtain m aximum work from a galvanic cell then charge has to be passed reversible.
The reversibly work done by a galvanic cell is equal to decrease in its Gibbs energy
As Ecell is an intensive parameter but Δf=G is an extensive thermodynamic property and the value depends on n.
For reaction, Zn(s)+Cu2+(aq)Zn2+(aq)+Cu(s) in a galvanic cell.
ΔrG=2FEcell [Here,n=2]

Updated on:21/07/2023

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