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0.50 g of an organic compound was kjeldahlished. The ammonia evolved was passed in 50cm3 of 1NH2SO4. The residual acid required 60cm3 of N/2NaOH solution. Calculate the pecentage of nitogen in the compound.

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Step I. calculation of volume of unused acid
Volume of NaOH solution required =60cm3
Normality of NaOH solution =1/2N
Normality of H2SO4 solution =1N
Volume of unused acid can be calculated by applying normality equation
Step II. Calculation of volume of acid used
Volume of acid added =50cm3
Volume of unused acid =30cm3
Volume of acid used =(5030)=20cm3
Step III. Calculating of percentage of nitrogen
Mass of compound =0.50g
Volume of acid used =20cm3
Normality of acid used =1N
Persentage of N=1.4×Volume of acid used×Normality of acid usedMass of the compound

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