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[ F e ( H 2 O ) 6 ] S O 4 . H 2 O Δ Residue ( X ) + Y + Z Residue (X) was treated with HCI followed by H 2 S gas yielding yellowish white turbidity (A). When gas (Y) is passed through H 2 S ( a q ) , same yellowish white turbidity (A) is obtained. Find the atomic mass of (A).

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Which of the following compound gives yellowish white turbidity with dil. H2SO4?

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    Light green compound (A)Δ White residue (B)Hightemp.C+D+E
    (i) D and E are acidic gases.
    (ii) D is passed through HgCl2 solution to give yellow precipitate.
    (iii) When E is passed through water first and then H2S is passed, white turbidity is obtained.
    (iv) A is water soluble and on addition of HgCl2 in it, a white precipitate is obtained which does not turn grey on addition of excess solution of A.
    The yellow precipitate in the above reaction is

    Amercuric oxide.
    Bbasic mercury(II) sulphite.
    Cbasic mercury (II) sulphate.
    Dmercuric iodide.