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Arrange cis - but - 2 ene, trans - but - 2 - ene and but - 1 ene in increasing order of their stability and give reason. Solution in Bengali

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The stability of these alkenes follow the order:
But - 2 - ene (CH3CH=CHCH3) contains six α - H atoms while but - 1 - ene (CH3CH2CH=CH2) contains only two α - H atoms capable of more effective hyperconjugation, but - 2- ene is thermodynamically, but - 2 - ene is thermodynamically more stable than but - 1 - ene, Again, due to steric interaction between two methyl groups on the same side of double bond in cis - but - 2 - ene, it is relatvely less stable than the trans - isomer in which no such steric interaction operates between the methyl groups situated on the opposite sides of the double bond.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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