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Which of the following compounds will show cis-trans isomerism?
(i) (CH3)2C=CHC2H5
(ii) CH2=CBr2
(iii) C6H5CH=CHCH3

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(iii) and (iv). In structures (i) and (ii), two identical groups are attached to one of the doubly bonded carbon atom.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Which of the following alkanes can exhibit cis-trans isomerism?
    (i) CH2=CHCH2CH3 , (ii) CH2=C(CH3)2
    (iii) CH3CH=CHCH3 , (iv) CH3CH2CH=CHCl

    A(1) (i), (ii)
    B(2) (ii), (iii)
    C(3) (iii), (iv)
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    B(i) and (iv)
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