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Match the Column (I) and (II). (Matrix)
Match the Column (I) and (II). (Matrix)

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The correct Answer is:a-p,s; b-q, r,s; c-q,r, s; d-p,s

Chiral molecules:- Those molucules which do not have plane of symmetry, centre of symmetry are optically active and are optically active and are not superimposable on their mirror images and are known as chiral molecules
vice-versa are achiral,
Chirla centre:- Tetrahedrally bonded atom having four different groups are known as chiral centres.
Meao:- Compound having two or more than two chiral center and posses P.O.S./C.O.S. are meso isomer they become optically inactive due to internal compensation P.O.S. absent.

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