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Describe the vascular bundles of monocot stem. Solution in Tamil

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Vascular bundles:
1. In a monocot stem vascular bundles are scattered (atactostele) in the parenchymatous ground tissue. Each vascular bundle is surrounded by a sheath of sclerenchymatous fibres called bundle sheath.
3. The vascular bundles are conjoint. collateral, endarch and closed.
4. Vascular bundles are numerous, small and closely arranged in the peripheral portion.
5. Towards the centre, the bundles are comparatively large in size and loosely arranged.
6. Vascular bundles are skull or oval shaped.
1. the phloem in the monocot stem consists of sieve tubes and companion cells.
2. Phloem parechyma and phloem fibres are absent.
1. Xylem vessels are arranged in the form of 'Y'.
2. the two metaxylem vessels are located at the upper two arms and one or two protoxylem vessels at the base.
3. In a mature bundle , the lowest protoxylem disintegrates and forms a cavity known as protoxylem locuna.