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Write the causes for diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus.Solution in Tamil

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Diabetes melltus:
1. Diabetes mellitus is otherwise known as Hyperglycaemia.
2. It is caused due to reduced secretion of insulin As the result .blood . Glucose level is elevated Diabetes mellitus is of two types ,Types I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes
3. Type I diabetes (or) Insulin dependent diabetes caused by the lack of insulin secretion due to illness or viral infections.
4. Type II diabetes (or) Non-Insulin dependent diabetes caused due to reduced sensitivity to insulin often called as insulin resistance
5. Symptoms :
(i) Polyurea (excessive urination)
(ii) Polyphagia (excessive intake of food)
(iii) Polydipsia (excessive consumption liquids due to thirst)
( iv) Ketosis (breakedown of fat into glucose results in accumulation of ketone bodies in blood.

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