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Calcium carbonate reacts with aqueous HCI to give CaCI2 and CO2, write the reaction.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Calcium carbonate reacts with aqueous HCl to give CaCl2andCO2 as shows below:
    In this reaction, 250 mL of 0.76 M HCl reacts with 1000 g of CaCO3. Calculate the mass of CaCl2 formed in the reaction

    A11.1 g
    B10.54 g
    C5.25 g
    D2.45 L
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    Phenol reacts with aqueous bromine to give :

    Ao - bromophenol
    Bm - bromophenol
    Co & p - bromophenol
    D2, 4, 6 - tribromophenol.