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Glycin has the structural formula NH2CH2COOH. Glycine has two dissociation constant for which Ka and Kb are 1.6×1010 and Kbis2.5×1012. Calculate the isoelectric point of glycine
[Hint : If your answer is 5.12 then fill 0512 in OMR sheet.
If your answer is 8.02 then fill 0802 in OMR sheet]

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The correct Answer is:609

pI=pKa1+pKa2––––––––2 pKa=logKa
pKa1=logKa pKb1=logKb
pKa1=log1.6×1010 pKb1=log2.5×1012
pKa1=9.79 pKb1=11.6

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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