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Let A=NxN, and let * be a binary operation on A defined by (a,b)(c,d)=(ad+bc,bd) for all (a,b),c,d)NxN. Show that : '' is commutative on A ' is associative onA A has no identity element.

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(i) Commutativity: (a,b),(c,d)N×N




So ,(a,b)(c,d)=(c,d)(a,b)

is commutative.

(ii) Associativity:(a,b),(b,c),(c,d)


={a+(c+e),b+(d+f)] (set N is associative)


So ,[(a,b)(c,d)](e,f)=(a,b){(c,d)(e,f)}

is associative.

(iii)(x,y) be identity element for onA,






For, there is no identity element.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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