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Prove that the function f(x)=(log)ax is increasing on (0,) if a>1 and decreasing on (0,), if 0<a<1

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SHP(1) f(x)=loga x
f(x)= logea/logex
​ diff wrt x
f ′ (x)= 1loge(a) × 1x
f ′ (x)= 1xlog(a)
​if a>1
f ′ (x)>0
∴f(x) is increasing function for a>1
SHP (2) f ′ (x)= 1xloga
if a>0 & a<1
then f ′ (x) is not greater than zero.
∴f(x) is decreasing function 0 < a <1 .