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Consider the four circuited shown in the figure, each consisting of a battry, a switch, a light bulb a resistor, and eutger a capacitory or an iductor. Assume the capacitor has a large capacitorand the inductor has a large inductance but no resitance. The light bulb has high efficiency. glowing whenever it carries electric current. (i) Describe what the light bulb does in each of each of curcuits (a) through (d) after the switch is thrown closed. (ii) Describe what the light bulb does in each of circuits (a) through (d) when, having been closed for a long time interval, the switch is opened.









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The correct Answer is:A

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    What happens when we switch on a light bulb?

    AThe filament or wire inside it burns with a yellow flame.
    BThe filament gets active and glows.
    CThe filament or wire inside it gets heated and glows.
    DThe wire inside it burns.
  • Question 1 - Select One

    The light bulb A & B in the following circuits are identical. When the switch is closed

    Aintensity of bulb A increase
    Bintensity of bulb A decrease
    Cintensity of bulb B increase
    DNothing change

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