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At 27C, a cylinder of volume 10 L contains a gas mixture consisting of 0.4 He, 1.6g O2&1.4g H2. Determine the total pressure of the mixture and the partial pressure of He in the mixture.Solution in Bengali

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Total number of moles of He, O2andN2 gas in the mixture (n)=0.44+1.632+1.428=0.1+0.05+0.05=0.2 mol
[molar masses of He, O2andN2 are 4, 32 and 28gmol1 respectively]
Given, V=10L, T=(273+27K)=300K
we know PV=nRT or, P=nRTV
Total pressure of the gas mixture =0.4926 atm
Number of moles of He gas=0.1
and its mole fraction=0.10.2=0.5
Partial pressure of He gas in mixture=mole-fraction of He in the mixture×total pressure of the mixture=0.5×0.4926=0.2463 atm.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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