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In the reaction 2Ag+2H2SO4Ag2SO4+2H2O+SO2,H2SO40acts as a/an


an oxidizing agent


a reducing agent


a catalyst


an acid as well as an oxidant

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The correct Answer is:d


Step by step video, text & image solution for In the reaction 2Ag+2H_(2)SO_(4)rarrAg_(2)SO_(4)+2H_(2)O+SO_(2),H_(2)SO_(40acts as a//an by Chemistry experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    In the rection:
    Sulphuric acid acts as:

    AOxidising agent
    BReducing agent
    DAcid as well as oxidant
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    In the following reaction, H2SO4 acts as

    AReducing agent
    BOxidizing agent
    CCatalytics agent
    DDehydratinon agent
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    In the reaction, H2S+H2SO4S+2H2O

    AH2S is an acid and H2O2 is a base
    BH2S is a base and H2O2 is an acid
    CH2S is hydrolysed to S
    DH2S is a reducing agent and H2O2 is a oxidising agent.