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Which one of the following options gives one correct example each of convergent evolution and divergent evolution?


Convergent evolutionDivergent evolutionEyes of octopus and mammalsBones of forelimbs of vertebrates


Convergent evolutionDivergent evolutionThorns of Bougainvilea and tendrils of CucurbitaWings of butterfly


Convergent evolutionDivergent evolutionBones of forelimbs of vertebratesWings of butterfly and birds


Convergent evolutionDivergent evolutionThorns of Bougainvillea and tendrils of Cucurbilamammals

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The correct Answer is:A

Development of similar adaptive functional structures in unreleated groups of organisms is called convergent evolution. It shows analogy Examples are wings of butterfly and birds, eyes of octopus and mammals, flippers of penguins and dolphins, etc. On the other hand, divergent evolution involves the modification of organs to perform For example forelimbs of vertebrates (whales, bat, cheetah, human). Though these perform different functions, they have similar anatomical structure.

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