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Show that following system of linear equations is inconsistent: 4x5y2z=2,  5x4y+2z=2,  2x+2y+8z=1

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We have given: 4x5y2z=2,  5x4y+2z=2,  2x+2y+8z=1
As we know that the system of linear equation can be written in matrix form as AX=B
A=∣ ∣452542228∣ ∣,X=xyz,B=221
Now find the determinant of A,
|A|=∣ ∣452542228∣ ∣
Hence, |A|=0A is singular.
Then, Xwill be consistence if (AdjA)×B=0
So, C11=36,C12=36,C13=18,
Then adjA=36341836361818189T
Hence, the system of linear equation is inconsistent

Updated on:21/07/2023

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