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Let * be a binary operation on Q{1} defined by a*b=a+b+ab for all a, bQ{1} . Then, Show that * is both commutative and associative on Q{1} . (ii) Find the identity element in Q{1}

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1.comutative meansab=ba , where is binary operation.
ab=a+b+ab(from defenation of binary operation)
ba=b+a+ba=a+b+ab(since addition and mult. of nos is commutative)
therefore ab=ba i.e operation is commutative
2.associativity means a(bc)=(ab)c
a(bc)=a+b+c+bc+ab+ac+abcand (ab)c=a+b+c+ab+bc+ac+abc(since addition and multi of nos is commutative) therefore a(bc)=(ab)c i.e associative oroperty satisfied.
3.identity element means an element x such that ax=aand xa=a
now on solving ax=a i.e a+x+ax=aon solving above eqn we get x(a+1)=0
a+1 cant we 0 because a belongs to Q{1} if (a+1) is 0 then a is -1 which is not possible. therefore x is 0.
similary from xa=a x is 0.i.e identity element is o.(zero).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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