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Prove the following by the principle of mathematical induction:n1111+n55+n33+62165n is a positive integer for nN.

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Let P(n) be the given statement.
P(n):n1111+n55+n33+62165n is a positive integer for all nN.
Step 1 :
It is certainly a positive integer.
Hence, P(1) is true .
Let P(m) be true .
Then, m1111+m55+m33+62165m is a positive integer. Now, let m1111+m55+m33+62165m=λ, where λN is a positive integer.
We have to show that P(m+1) is true whenever P(m) is true .
To prove: (m+1)1111+(m+1)55+(m+1)33+62165(m+1) is a positive integer.
(m+1)1111+(m+1)55+(m+1)33+62165(m+1) =111(m11+11m10+55m9+165m8+330m2+462m6+462m5+330m4+165m3+55m2+11m+1) +15(m5+5m4+10m3+10m2+5m+1)+13(m3+3m2+3m+1) +62165m2+62165 =[mm1111+m55+m33+62165m]+m10+5m9+15m8+30m7+42m6+42m5+31m4+17m3+8m2+3m+111+15+13+6105
It is a positive integer.
Thus, P(m+1) is true.
By the principle of mathematical induction, {P}({n}) is true for all {n}N.