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Discuss the continuity of the function f defined by f(x)={x+3ifx1x3ifx>1

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The function f(x) is definedat all points of the real line.
Case I :
Let x = c be any arbitrary real number in the domain of f(x).
If c lt 1 , then f(c ) = c +3 , therefore limxcf(x)=limxc(x+3)=c+3
Thus, f is continuous at all real numbers less than 1.
Case II.
If c gt 1 then f(c) = c -3 , therefore limxcf(x)=limxc(x3)=(c3)=f(c)
Thus, f(x) is continuous at all points x gt 1 .
Case III.
If c=1, then the left hand limit of f(c) at x =1
Since the left and right hand limits of f(x) at x=1 do not coincide, f(x) is , not continuous at x =1 . Hence x =1 is the only point of discontinuity of f(x). the graph of the function is as show.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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