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Arrange the following:
(i) in decreasing order of pKa values C2H5NH2,C6H5NHCH3,(C2H5)2NHandC6H5NH2.
(ii) in increasing order of basic strength C6H5NH2,C6H5N(CH3)2,(C2H5)2NHandCH3NH2.

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(i) Due to delocalization of lone pair of electrons of the N-atom over the benzene ring, C6H5NH2andC6H5NHCH3 are far less basic than C2H5NH2and(C2H5)2NH. Further, due to +I-effect of the CH3 group, C6H5NHCH3 is little more basic than C6H5NH2. among C2H5NH2and(CH2H5)2NH,(C2H5)2NH is more basic than C2H5NH2 due to greater +I-effect of the two C2H5 groups and stabilization of its conjugate acid by H-bonding. combining all these facts, the relative basic strength of these four amines decreases in the order:
Since a stronger base has a lower pKb value, therefore, pKa values decrease in the reverse order:
(ii) We have already explained in Ans. (i) Above that the relative basic strength of the amines, C6H5NH2,C6H5NHCH3and(C2H5)2NH decreases in the order: (C2H5)2NH>C6H5NHCH3>C6H5NH2.
Conversely, the basic strength of these amines increases in the order:
Among CH3NH2and(C2H5)2NH, primarily due to the greater +I-effect of the two C2H5 groups over one CH3 group, (C2H5)2NH is more basic than CH3NH2. thus, the basic strength of the four amines increases in the order: C6H5NH2<C6H5NHCH3<CH3NH2<(C2H5)2NH.

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