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A ketone A, which undergoes halform reaction, gives compound B on reduction B on heating with sulphuric acid gives compounds C, which forms mono-ozonide D.D on hydrolysis in the presence of zinc dust gives only acetaldehyde. Identify A, B and C. Write down the reaction involved.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    An compound (A) which undergo halogorm reaction give compound (B) on reduction . Compound (B) on dehydration with conc. H2SO4 gives compound ( C ) which forms secondary butylbromide with HBr. Identify (A).

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    A ketone (A) which undergoes reduction to give (B). (B) on heating with sulphuric acid gives mixture of 1-butene and 2-butene . Identify(A) and (B). On heating with sulphuric acid gives mixture of 1-butene and -butene . Identify (A) and (B).

    AButanone, 2-propanol
    BButanone , 2-butanol
    DPropanone, 2-butanol
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    Compound A on reduction gives B which on further reaction with CHCl3 and alcoholic KOH gives compound C which of further hydrolysis gives aniline. The compound A is :


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