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An alkene 'A' (molecular formula C5H10) on ozonolysis gives a mixture of two compounds 'B' and 'C'. Compound 'B' gives positive Fehling's test and also forms iodoform on treatement with I2 and NaOH. Compound 'C' does not give Fehling's test but forms iodoform. Identify the compounds A, B and C. Write the reaction for ozonolysis and formation of iodoform from B and C.

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(i) Since compound 'B' gives fehling's test, therefore, it must be aldehyde. Further since aldehyde 'B' gives iodoform on treatment with I2 and NaOH, therefore, 'B' must be acetaldehyde (CH3CHO).
(ii) Since alkene 'A' (MFC5H10) contains five carbon atoms and one of the product of ozonolysis is 'B' (CH3CHO) which contains two carbon atoms, therefore, the other product of ozonolysis, i.e., 'C' must contain three carbon atoms.
(iii) since compound 'C' does not give fehling's test, it must be a ketone. further since ketone 'C' contains three carbon atoms and gives iodoform on treatment with I2andNaOH, therefore, ketone 'C' must be acetone (CH3COCH3).
(iv) Write the products of ozonolysis, i.e., 'B' (CH3CHO)and'C'(CH3COCH3) side by side with their C=O groups facing each other. remove the oxygen atoms and join the remaining fragments by a double bond, the structure of alkene 'A' is 2-methylbut-2-ene.
(v) Formation of iodoform from 'B' and 'C' may be explained as follows:
CH3CHOAcetaldehyde (B)+3I2+4NaOHΔCHI3Iodoform+HCOONaSod. formate+3NaI+3H2
CH3COCH3Acetone (C)+3I2+4NaOHΔCHI3Iodoform+CH3COONaSod. acetate+3NaI+3H2O

Updated on:21/07/2023

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