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For a reaction : A+H2OB, Rate A]. What is its (i) Molecularity (ii) Order of reaction ?

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(i) pseudo-unimolecular (ii) order = 1.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    For a reaction X+YZ, rate [X]. What is (i) molecularity and (ii) order of reaction ?

    A(i) 2, (ii) 1
    B(i) 2, (ii) 2
    C(i) 1, (ii) 1
    D(i) 1, (ii) 2
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    Relative rate of reaction with H2O

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    Concentration dependence of rate is called differential rate equation. Integrated differential equations give relation between directly measured experimental data i.e., concentration at different times and rate constant. The integrated rate equations are different for the reactions of differennt reaction orders. the first-order reaction has a rate constant 1.15×103s1.
    Q. For a reaction,
    The order of the reaction is:

    AZero order
    BFractional order
    CPseudo first order
    DSecond order