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1 mole of liquid A and 2 moles of liquid B make a solution having a total vapour pressure of 38 torr. The vapour pressures of pure A and pure B are 45 torr and 36 torr respectively. The described solution


is an ideal solution


shows negative deviation


is a minimum boiling azeotrope


has volume greater than the sum of individual volumes

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The correct Answer is:B

According to Raoult's law,
pA=xA×pA=13×45 torr=15 torr
pB=xB×pB=23×36 torr = 24 torr
Pressure expected by Raoult's law =15+24
= 39 torr
Thus, observed pressure (38 torr) is less than expected value.
Hence, the solution shows negative deviation.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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