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If α and β are the zeros of the quadratic polynomial f(x)=2x25x+7 , find a polynomial whose zeros are 2α+3β and 3α+2β .

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Quadratic equation is of the form ax2+bx+c
now sum of roots=ba and product of roots=ca
here the eqn is 2x25x+7 and α and β are its roots.
sum of roots=α+β=52 and product of roots=α×β=72
now we have to form an equation whose roots are 2α+3β and 3α+2β.
equation will be of the form x2sx+p......(1) where s and p represent sum and product of roots.
s=5(α+β)=252 and p=6((α)2+(β)2)+13αβ)=6(α+β)2+αβ=64×25+72=41.
substituting s and p in (1) we get eqn=x2252x+41=0.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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