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In spiral phyllotaxy, the number of leaves at each node is









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The correct Answer is:A

The simplest type of phyllotaxy is alternate or spiral distichous in which the leaves of a brach form two alternate rows (e.g., Grass). In spiral phyllotaxy, a single leaf srises at each node in alternate manner.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Phyllotaxy is

    Aarrangement of young leaves in bud
    Barrangement of mature leaves on branches
    Carrangement of branches
    Darrangement of floral leaves in a floral bud
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    Phyllotaxy is

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    BTypes of roots
    CArrangement of sepals and petals in a flower
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    Assertion : In spiral phyllotaxy, many leaves are present on a node
    Reason : In opposite phyllotaxy, two leaves are borne on a node.

    AIf both the assertion and the reason are true and the reason is a correct explanation of the assertion
    BIf both the assertion and reason are true but the reason is not a correct explanation of the assertion
    CIf the assertion is true but the reason is false
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