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Preidict what will happern if molecular bromine (Br2) is added to a solution containing NaCl and NaI at 25C. Assume all species are in their standard states.


Cl2(g) is realeased


I2(s) is obtained


Both Cl2 and I2 are obtained


Neither Cl2 nor I2 is obtained

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The correct Answer is:B

To predict what redox reactions will take place, we need to compare the standard reduction potential for the following half reactions:
Since EBr2/Br>EI2/I,Br2 gets reduced by I9) i.e. Br2 will oxidized I. Since EBr2/Br>EI2/I, Br2 will not oxidize Cl. Therefore, the only redox reaction that will occur appreciably under standard state conditions is
Note that the Na+ ions are inert and do not enter into the redox reaction.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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