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Cohesive force between the molecules of solid or liquid is also called as _____ force.




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The correct Answer is:B

Cohesive force between the molecules of solid or liquid is physical force.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Cohesive force is experienced between

    AMagnetic substances
    BMolecules of different substances
    CMolecules of same substances
    DNone of these
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    When the adhesive force between a liquid and glass is greater than the force between the liquid molecules , the meniscus of the liquid in a capillary tube is

  • Question 3 - Select One

    The force of interaction between the molecules of same substance is called cohesive force hile force of interaction between molecules of different substances is called adhesive force . Both the forces are attracive and have a range of about 10 A . If we consider a molecule . A well inside a liquid we find that it is equally attracted by the surrounding molecules in all the directions ( with a sphere of radius 10 Å ) and so it does not experience any resultant force . On or near the surface of a liquid , the molecules do not exist on the free side and so a molecule ( say B ) experiences a resultant force vertically downwards into the liquid . For this reason , the molecules of the surface have a tendency to go into the liquid . Thus , the surface tends to contract and gives rise to surface tension .
    As surface molecules like B experience a net downward force of cohension and have tendency to go down , so in increasing the area of the surface more molecules are to be shifted to the surface from inside . Thus , more mechnical work will have to be done against the net downward force of cohension . This work is stored by the molecules in the surfaces as potential energy called free surface energy .
    Furthermore , molcules like P , in contact with the liquid will stick to the solid surface , i.e will meet it if the force of adhesion A is greater than net force of cohension C . The liquid will not the solid surface if C>A
    Also , molecules like Q at the surface in contact with the solid will experience a net force of cohension CR . If adhesion A is greater then cohension CR , the resultant force will be F . As the liquid can't support tangential force , F must be perpendicular to the surface of the liquid . So , the menisus will be concave and the angle of contact will be acute (>90) . However , if adhesion is lesser than cohension , the resultant force F will be directed into the liquid and so the menisus ( which is perpendicular to F as liquid support tangential force ) will be convex and the angle of contact will be obtuse (>90)
    A liquid particle B , which is present in the vicinity particle A can exert a force on A if the distance of B from A is

    A1 nm
    B104 pm
    D1 mm