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Have you seen the following things?
Old iron bars of buildings, copper vessels not cleaned for long time, silver ornaments or idols exposed to air for long time, old abandoned vehicles fit to be thrown away.

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Due to rusting, old iron bars of building get damaged and brown coating develops on them. If copper vessels are not cleaned for long time, greenish layer is formed on its surface. When silver ornaments are exposed to air for long time, they turn blackish. Old abandoned vehicles get damaged over the time due to corrosion.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    When a copper vessel is exposed to moist air for a long time, it acquires a dull green coating on its surface. The material of this green coating is a mixture of:

    ACopper oxide and copper sulphate
    BCopper carbonate and copper hydroxide
    CCopper oxide and copper carbonate
    DCopper hydroxide and copper sulphate