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Explain hydraulic separation method with neat and labelled diagram

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i.This method is based on the working of a mill.
ii. It has tapering vessel similar to that used in grinding mill. The tapering vessel opens up in a tank-like container that is tapering on the lower side. The tank has a water inlet on the lower side and a water outlet on the upper side.
iii. The powdered ore is released in the tank and forceful stream of water is introduced into the tank through the water inlet at the bottom.
iv. The lighter particles of the gangue are carried up by the water jet and pass out along with water flowing out from the outlet near the top and get collected separately while the heavier ore particles are collected at the bottom from the lower side of the tank.
v.The reservoir is constructed in the conical shape so that the velocity of water jet is reduced, thus preventing ore particles from being carried away along with the stream of water. This method is based on the principle of gravitation law, wherein particles of identical size are separated by their weight with the help of water.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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