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The sign of work done by a force on a body is important to understand. State carefully if the following quantities are poisitve or negative :
(a) Work done by a man in lifting a bucket out of a well by means of a rope tied to the bucket.
(b) Work done by gravitational force in the above case. (c ) Work done by friction on a body sliding down an iniclined plane.
(d) Work done by an applied force on a body moving on a rough horizontal plane with uniform velocity.
(e) Work done by the resistive force of air on a vibrating pendulum in bringing it to rest.

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Work done W=F.s=Fscosθ where θ is smaller angle between force F and displacement s.
(a) To lift the bucket, force equal to weight of bucket has to be applied vertically upwards and the bucket moves along the same direction i.e., θ=0 therefore W=Fscos0=Fs. It si positive.
(b) The bucket moves in a direction opposite to the gravitational force which acts vertically downwards.
θ=180,W=Fscos180=Fs. It is negative.
(c) Friction always opposes the relative motion θ=180,W=Fscos180=Fs. It is negative.
(d) As the body moves along the direction of applied force θ=0,W=Fscos0=Fs.. It is positive.
(e) The direction of resistive force is opposite to the direction of motion of the bob, i.e., θ=180.. Hence, work done, in this case, is negative.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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