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The recent horrific storm surge flooding New Jersey and New york in US by Hurricane Sandy was almost perfectly predicted well in advance, but was more extreme than the average person might expect from a minimal hurricane. There is a metric that quantifies the energy of a storm based on how far out tropical - storm force winds extend from the centre, known as Integrated Kinetic Energy (IKE).
(i) What is Sandy's ranking in terms of IKE among all the hurricanes witnessed so far ?
(ii) What is the IKE of sandy ?
(iii) How was sandy different from Hurricane Katrina ?
(iv) Which human value did Sandy generate among the people round the globe ?

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(i) Sandy's IKE ranks second among all the hurricanes so far- Hurricane Isabel in 2003 was more devastating.
(ii) Over 140 TJ (1 TJ = 1 trillion joule = 2,77, 778 kWh) - it generated more energy then Hiroshima atomic bomb.
(iii) Katrina's IKE was more concentrated whereas Sandy's IKE was more spread out.
(iv) Universal sympathy and deep concern for those affected by Sandy's outrage.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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