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Distinguish between the following :
(a) MeCOCl (ethanoyl chloride) and (II)MeCOOH (ethanoic acid)
(b) (I)MeCOOEt (ethyl acetate) and (II)MeCONH2 (ethanamide)
( c) (I)Ac2O (acetic anhydride) and (II)MeCOOMe (methyl acetate)
(d) (I) MeOSONHMe (N-methyl metane sulphonamide) and (II) MeCONHMe (N-methyl ethanamide)
(e) (I)MeCN (ethane nitrile) and (II)MeCOOEt (ethyl acetate).

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(a) (I) on hydrolysis with H2O releases ClӨ which with AgNO3 forms white precipitate of AgCl insoluble in HNO3.
(II) with AgNO3 also forms a white precipitate of RCOOӨNa, whereas (II) emits odorous HN3.
( b) (I) saponifies with NaOH to give EtOH and MeCOOӨNa, whereas (II) emits odorous NH3 when heated with aq. NaOH.
( c) (I) is hydrolysed on warming with H2O to CH3COOH and gives acid test with litmus paper. Under these conditions, (II) is not hydrolysed.
(d) (I) dissolves in aqueous NaOH and forms [MeSO2NMe]ӨNa, whereas the corresponding H in (II) is not so acidic to react with NaOH.
( e) Basic hydrolysis of (I) gives NH3.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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