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Explain the factors influencing rate of reaction. Solution in Telugu

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Factors affecting rate of a reaction : The rate of a chemical reaction depends on the following.
i) Concentration of reactants : The rate of a chemical reaction is directly proporational to the concentration of the reactants. As the concentration of reactants increases the number of molucules increase, collisions between molecules increases as a result number of fruitful collisions increases, hence rate of reaction increases.
ii) Nature of reactants :Reactions between ionic compounds are fast when compared to reactions between the covalent compunds. In case of covalent molecules breaking and formation of bonds involved hence the reactions between covalent molecules are very slow.
iii) Temperature : As temperature increases, the rate of reaction increases. For every 10C rise of temperature the rate of reaction is almost doubled. At high temperatures maximum number of molucules are activated. The collisions between activated molecules are fruitful, hence the rate of reaction increases.
iv) Catalyst : In the presence of catalyst also the rate of reaction increases. Catalyst takes the reaction in a new path having low activation energy.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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